Maria Pia is stubborn, not willing to take advice and unabashedly self-centred, self-confident even if it does not show at first sight, humanely generous, of a helpful disposition and undoubted goodness, rational, like all women of her land, but capable of sudden unexpected flights of fancy, unsettling and unpredictable at once, with a hint of sincere unexpected madness, an imaginative story teller, childishly affectionate, touchy and clever… But in a naive manner, with the innocence of a teenager of past times. That is what sets her apart, and makes her an artist.
Carmine Siniscalco,
international cultural promoter, art critic, director of the Contemporary Art Office in Rome since 1972 and A.R.G.A.M. (Associazione Romana Galleria d’Arte Moderna) president.